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Patent Drawings

The wonder and excitement of Patent Drawing is the old Forrest Gump saying that it’s like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. While my practice has brought to me a few specific areas of technology like down hole drilling apparatus, ceiling fans, and light fixtures, I have been fortunate to have a multifaceted career embracing just about anything I could have imagined and a lot I couldn’t. It is the ability to penetrate to the heart of the invention and capture that essence into an image that makes it tell the story for which it is intended. Attention to detail and adding that little extra something will make a drawing pop and in many cases make the accompanying text of the application almost superfluous. My clients have always been pleased all the way up to astounded at the results they consistently enjoy, and many have simply turned the process over to my discretion when they know I have comprehended the invention taking my patent drawing as a point of departure from which to craft the application and claims. I have fun, and your job is easier. How nice for us all.